Vegetarian Mapo Tofu Japanese style 素麻婆豆腐

August 11, 2021

Originally mapo tofu is a Chinese dish and after it is brought to Japan, it becomes very popular in Japanese cuisine. The Japanese style is less spicy compares to Sichuan style. The main ingredient in the sauce is the chili bean sauce which gives it a spicy flavor.



  • 1 件 硬豆腐,切方塊
  • 20g 乾燥素肉
  • 1 茶匙 薑蓉
  • 1 茶匙 蒜蓉
  • 1 茶匙 長蔥
  • 1/4 茶匙 豆板醬


  • 1 湯匙 醬油
  • 1 湯匙 酒
  • 1 茶匙 砂糖
  • 1 湯匙 顆粒雞湯
  • 100ml 水
  • 1 湯匙 片栗粉 +1 湯匙 水


  1. 將薑蓉、蒜蓉、長蔥、 乾燥素肉炒香,加入豆板醬炒勻。
  2. 加入調味料、豆腐煮幾分鐘,加入片栗粉水拌勻即可。

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