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Poznań Cathedral

June 22, 2024

Poznań Cathedral 是波蘭最古老的大教堂,建於10世紀,坐落在東北部的Cathedral Island,經歷了多次重建,融合了現今的Gothic, 早期的Romanesque和Baroque 建築風格,教堂共有12座小堂。

教堂地下(即是第一座教堂的地基,因經歷過重建,新教堂就蓋在上面)有一間Golden Chapel, 是波蘭第一位君主的陵墓,安放著2位國王 – Mieszko I and King Bolesław Chrobry,是很值得參觀的一座有着豐富歷史的大教堂。

Entrance to the cathedral

Interior of the church and the beautiful Gothic altar

Interior of the church

Epitaph – Names of the kings buried in the cathedral

Church organ

Interior of the Golden Chapel where the first Polish monarchs are buried

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