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Chiang Mai Old City 清邁舊城 – Wat Phra Singh

December 11, 2022

Wat Phra Singh、Wat Chedi Luang、Wat Chiang Man 並列為清邁“三大”寺廟,1345年由統治Lanna Kingdom的帕尤國王建造,以供奉之前國王的遺體。這座寺廟據說是 1468 年從南邦府遷出時第一座供奉玉佛的寺廟。

The viharn
The Viharn
The Phra Chaon Thong Thip Buddha
Mural in the Viharn Lai Kham
The Phrathatluang Chedi
Gold elephant around the base of The Phrathatluang Chedi

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