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Baking timeline for sourdough bread 酸種麵包烘焙時間表

August 24, 2022


Basic sourdough recipe steps 製作酸種麵包的基本步驟

Pre mix & autolyse – mixing your ingredients and allowing the flour to hydrate [混合材料,讓麵粉水合]

Form the dough & rest – forming the shaggy autolysed mix into an actual dough [將混合物製成一個麵團]

Stretch & folds – developing the gluten in your dough [拉摺讓麵團產生麩質]

Bulk ferment – fermenting your dough and allowing the yeast and bacteria to produce the gases necessary to rise your bread [發酵麵團,讓酵母和細菌產生麵團所需的氣體]

Shape the dough – shaping your dough into a loaf and placing it into the banneton or shaping container [做型,放入塑形用的竹籃或容器中]

Cold ferment – proofing the dough in the refrigerator to develop flavor and delay baking time [在冰箱中冷藏麵團以增加風味並延遲烘烤時間]

Bake – bake your bread in the Dutch oven [烘焙]

Easy Sourdough Bread 簡易酸種麵包烘焙時間表

Day 1

9am Feed the sourdough starter [餵養酸種酵母]

1:30pm Pre mix & autolyse [混合材料讓麵粉水合]

2:30pm Form the dough into a smooth ball and rest for 30 minutes [成團,靜置30分鐘]

3pm – 5pm Perform 4-6 sets stretch & folds, at least 15 minutes rest in between each set over next 2 hours [2個小時內拉摺麵團4-6組]

5pm Cover and leave on counter top for bulk ferment [發酵麵團]

12am Shape and lift into banneton, proof in the fridge until next day [做型,放入塑形用的竹籃或容器中,冷藏發酵]

Day 2

3pm Score and bake your bread [割上花紋,烤焗]

8pm Cut your bread [切開麵包]

Enjoy your bread!

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