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Broccoli Omelette

January 29, 2018

Use either fresh or frozen broccoli for this omelette- both works fine. Serve with toast and coffee becomes a healthy low calorie breakfast.

Ingredients 1 serving 180KCAL

20g onion, chopped

50g broccoli, cut off the stalk and separate florets into small pieces

20g ham, sliced

3 eggs, beaten

30g Parmasean cheese

salt & pepper


Place onion, broccoli and ham in a glass bowl and microwave for 1min and 30 seconds until tender.

Pour eggs into the broccoli, add salt & pepper and mix well.

Heat oil in a small skillet, add the mixture and spread evenly in the skillet. Cook until the bottom is nicely browned. Sprinkle cheese on top and turn the omelette in half. Cook until inside is cooked through. You may need to reduce heat to low without the omelette getting too brown outside.

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